💥Softcopy💥M148 [四年级华国英数科] 每月练习| [Year 4 BC BM BI MM SN] Monthly Exercises

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⭕️ As the list of the contents showed, some of the exercises haven't complete yet.

⭕️ We will update the newest exercises in the Google Drive as fast as possible.

⭕️ After you purchase this set of exercise, we will send the Drive link to you.

⭕️ You will get all what you buy before June 2021.

⭕️ We are also preparing the exam papers. We'll update on Feb, April, June, August of Year 2021.

⭕️ The exam papers only available for those who buy the whole set.


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⭕️ 如目录所记录,有些练习还未完成。

⭕️ 我们会在Google Drive里尽快更新欠缺的教材。

⭕️ 当您购买后,我们会发送Drive的链接给您。

⭕️ 您可在2021年6月获取完整的教材。

⭕️ 我们也在筹备着试卷,会在2021年的2月、4月、6月和8月发放。

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