M140 👉 [Kindergarten] Reading Comprehension Worksheet

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M140 👉 [Kindergarten] Reading Comprehension Worksheet

✅ 20 pages with 40 comprehensions

✅ Each comprehension has 3 to 5 questions (Subjective and Objective question)

✅ Enjoy drawing and colouring too

✅ Answers provided

⚠️ Watermarks are showing in worksheets (Refer samples) Copyright reserved

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M140 👉 [幼教] 阅读与理解练习

✅ 20页,40篇理解文

✅ 每篇理解文有3至5道题 (简答题与选择题)

✅ 享受绘画与彩色

✅ 备有答案

⚠️ 有水印 watermark (如样本所见)版权所有,侵权必究

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